At ADZ Ventures, we're reimagining the way people live + interact.


Who we are...

ADZV is an innovation group led by Andrea DelZotto and powered by a passionate and a multidisciplinary team of big thinkers who seek to better understand the emerging challenges, issues, and needs of urban city living.

Our team leverages industry leading practices like design thinking to create a transformational research approach that will open new doors for urban city development.

We conduct research in various neighbourhoods across Toronto. Our focus is to understand the imminent challenges that exist for residents and to uncover key problems that are affecting quality of life.

Our vision is to create innovative solutions that can truly improve community experiences.

Why we're doing it...

In today’s transforming and progressive cities, new social, cultural and economic challenges are rapidly emerging. We are seeing high rates of unemployment, rising costs of living, and more physical and mental health issues arising.

Change needs to happen and it begins by taking the first step – shining a light on the unmet needs of today’s and tomorrow’s urban residents.

Our research is important as it explores and gathers learning and insight that will inform how we improve community living experiences, as we build and fund meaningful new ventures.

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