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By leveraging industry leading practices, our team is opening new doors for urban city development.

Our vision is to create innovative solutions that can truly improve
community experience.

About Us

Andrea DelZotto
Founder, ADZ Ventures

"There is a need to create communities that welcome and serve all types of people, that foster and create a sense of belonging. 

Communities that are safe, inclusive and engaging... that inspire us to make the best choices for ourselves and everyone who shares in it, in order to live a healthy, happy life.


That’s why we created ADZV.". 


- Andrea DelZotto

ADZVentures invests in and incubates companies that align with our values and help improve urban living.

Launching Soon

In today’s transforming and progressive cities, new social, cultural and economic challenges are rapidly emerging. We are seeing high rates of unemployment, rising costs of living and more physical and mental health issues arising.

Change needs to happen and it begins by taking the first step—shining a light on the unmet needs of today’s and tomorrow’s urban residents.

We created ADZV to explore and gather learning and insights that will inform how we can improve community living experiences. From this, we build and partner with urban stakeholders to bring new technology to these spaces in an efficient and scalable way.



At ADZVentures we believe engaging with our community leads to the best solutions.

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At ADZVentures we are always open to conversations with future partners. Please get in touch with us, and together we can create better cities.

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